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Snail Mucin Operates in Many Different Fashions to Treat Skin Afflictions.

By | July 16, 2010

Many people view snails with a bit of disgust for whatever reason. Is it because they are slimy? Is it because they eat your garden vegetables? We all think of them as lower levels of life but were you aware that they can help you cure skin problems? Snails never have skin infections, they can crawl across the sharpest of knives and not cut their skin.

It is the serum constructed inside their cells that affords them the ability to shield their skin from outside elements. It is the same mucin that gives us the opportunity to clear acne, rosacea, and stretch marks, among other skin afflictions.

It may sound strange but snail secretion has long been an element for skin care. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, advocated the use of crushed snail and milk to abate skin abscesses and burns. In a little bit of irony, Hippocrates advocated the use of snail secretion to cure skin inflammations due to the idea that the snail increased the speed of delivery. He endorsed the snail serum as a hydrator, and as an ingredient that lessens skin redness.

People eat snails, kids love them as pets in some parts of the world (in the UK there are clubs of collectors of live snails for instance), why can’t we apply them as a skin care product? Escargot is regarded as a high class meal in many societies. Why is it we view snails as ok to eat but not to use as a natural skin care product? The obstacle is that the concept is new to many people and they are not versed in the positive facets of snail serum as an ingredient in skin care.

Snail Mucin Discovery. A few years back, Chilean farm workers who had the chore of picking snails from vineyard crops realized that their hands were extraordinarily smooth. Any nicks or abrasions they suffered throughout the day healed quickly and without any scarring. After extensive studies and tests, it was learned that snails and humans have lots of shared skin elements.

Collagen and elastin are the 2 most critical skin structures humans possess and as it turns out, snails possess the same structure. This is what makes our skin an appropriate canvas for the effects of the snail serum. According to investigations, the secretion generated by the snails, when under duress, is used to shield, moisturize, repair, and regenerate their skin whenever it is injured. It is the only solution element created solely in nature by a living creature to protect its skin.

Snail skin is exposed to the sun with no sunscreen. Snails exist in Mediterranean climates with their skin exposed to the sun during the most menacing UV days. Since their skin consists of the same collagen, elastin, skin cells, and skin structures ours is, they too are at risk of skin damage.

Snail Cream. Snails have been endowed with the power to naturally produce a complete and balanced secretion that protects and renews their skin whenever it is injured by a predator or by environmental hazards. Sun damage, pollution, free radical oxidation and other dangers like human feet can destroy a snail.

The naturally produced snail serum is generated during difficult times and doused over the skin in order to promote renewal. Snails can even restore their shell if it is ever broken using the same secretion.

The snail secretion works in many different ways to treat skin disorders. The snail serum contains antimicrobial peptides which help aid in suppression of skin infections. The skin, both human and snail, is relentlessly at risk of microbial attack.

Bacteria can thrive on the skin and penetrate cuts or pores, invoking infections. The antimicrobial peptides in the snail secretion destroy micro-organisms before they can cause problems.

Snail Secretion. When an all natural snail cream with the snail secretion is used on the skin after trauma, it boosts proliferation and functional ability of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts produce the precursors of all the elements of the extracellular matrix, chiefly the base substance and a variety of fibers.

Fibroblasts expansion gives rise to new collagen and elastin fibers which are the most elementary of all skin elements. Scars and skin injuries need new collagen and elastin fibers in order to repair any wound.

Do you have a keloid scar or any post surgical scar you would like to diminish or eliminate? The snail secretion provides the messenger molecules necessary for the body to distinguish what is scar tissue and what is not. Cleaning out the scar tissue is the first step in the renewal process. Generating new cellular growth in place of the dissolved scar tissue returns the clear, healthy appearance of normal skin. The snail serum acts as a biological activator of the elimination of dead and damaged skin cells and the renewal of healthy cells.

Snail mucin can strengthen skin by replenishing glycosaminoglycans in the skin, fortifying its durable nature. The water retaining molecules, found in the dermis, replenish cellular connectors and hydrate the skin thus improving the tenacity of the epidermis. Strong skin is less prone to injury and scarring.

Snails innately produce a serum that protects and renews their own skin. Given the fact that human skin is almost identical to snail skin, we can all share in this natural skin care product. The snail mucin is embodied in a new natural snail cream that will rejuvenate your skin and remodel skin elements after inflammations. Scars, cuts, and skin infections are governed thanks to the snail mucin produced naturally inside the snail.

Please browse our site and learn more about how this biological snail cream for skin treatment works for a wide variety of skin ailments and facial skin care like pimples, rosacea, acne scars and even the effects on skin of radiotherapy: radiodermatitis.

- Catkin Cottage

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